The Face of Lincoln

cine16 Roadshow / Film program from Geoff Alexander

Between 1900 and 1990, approximately 103,000 educational films were distributed in the United States. A great number of these were based on historical subjects. In 1999 haus.0 invited Geoff Alexander to present a program of rarely-seen, short-format 16mm films from his collection that operates under the title "cine16".

Almost a decade after the original haus.0 screenings at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, many of the films in Alexander's Educational film archive project have been organized for digitizing, in order to be introduced for public distribution within the web-based "Internet Archive" project. The emphasis can be seen as well by the transformation of Alexander's "Cine 16" into the "Academic Film Archive of North America".

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Cine 16 Roadshow