Voyager Interstellar Record

linked to some excerpts:
(an entire overview can be found on YouTube under this link)

Greetings From The Secretary General Of The UN Kurt Waldheim , (1977)
Part 1 of 31 - press ''to listen. (linked from YouTube )

Greetings In 55 Languages, (1977)
Part 2 of 31 - press ''to listen. (linked from YouTube )

Sound/Audio: Sounds of Earth, (1977)
Part 4 of 31 -linked via YouTube as one file

or via NASA 'Golden Record' as single .wav file - to play the sound press '' in the one you wish to listen to.


volcanoes, earthquake

mud pots

wind, rain, surf

crickets, frogs

birds, hyena, elephant

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Linked from: NASA: Golden Record (see: Sounds of Earth).

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