This text from 1999 had been written to conceptually define the Plug-In philosophy in link with the haus.0 program in Künstlerhaus. The philosophy continues as it transforms within the configuration of haussite as the new virtual staging and environment of haus.0


Footnotes & Print Library

haus.0 creates the print plug-in so that it serves both for resource and inquiry in the artist initiated space, and as a basis for the development of theory and practice. It differs from conventional libraries in how it is organised. The end- and footnotes of specific essays serve as a selection model for a group of books. The process acknowledges and builds on the 1980s return of the essay form in cultural critique, and its defining character in terms of critical practice and cultural studies.
The use of foot- / endnotes of an essay reflect the contemporary logic of hypertext model as noted by the author Sadie Plant in her work on Ada Lovelace in Zeroes and Ones.

The first selection framework was provided by the essay Spatial Narratives (1991) from the architect / theorist Mark Rakatansky. This is an apt selection turning on Freud's idea of the unheimlich applied to avoiding closed models of architectural theory and narrative, and introducing a contemporary 'modelling'.

Footnotes library
Selection #1, #2

Selection #1 Spatial Narratives Mark Rakatansky 1991
Selection #2 Zeros and Ones / Nullen und Einsen Sadie Plant   1998

Print library

Scripted Spaces: The Chase and the Labyrinth Norman Klein 1999
Jack Goldstein: Artist once removed 1999
Monodramas Stan Douglas 1999
cine 16 Geoff Alexander 1999
kynstlerhaus 1999
Frantz Fanon: Black Skin White Mask Isaac Julien, Mark Nash 2000
amp 2000

"From Girls to Grrrlz
A History of American Women's Comics
From Teens to Zines"

Trina Robbins 2001