This text from 1999 had been written to conceptually define the Plug-In philosophy in link with the haus.0 program in Künstlerhaus. The philosophy continues as it transforms within the configuration of haussite as the new virtual staging and environment of haus.0


Footnotes Library / Fußnotenbibliothek

haus.0 creates the print plug-in so that it serves both for resource and inquiry in the artist initiated space, and as a basis for the development of theory and practice. It differs from conventional libraries in how it is organised. The end- and footnotes of specific essays serve as a selection model for a group of books. The process acknowledges and builds on the 1980s return of the essay form in cultural critique, and its defining character in terms of critical practice and cultural studies.

Footnotes-/Print-Library Index

Scripted Spaces: The Chase and the Labyrinth Norman Klein 1999
Jack Goldstein: Artist once removed   1999
Monodramas Stan Douglas 1999
cine 16 Geoff Alexander 1999
:kynstlerhaus 1999
Frantz Fanon: Black Skin White Mask Isaac Julien, Mark Nash 2000
From Girls to Grrrlz Trina Robbins 2001

AMP (Asiatic Mode of Production)
(7. April - 26. Mai 2000)
Fawzia Afzal-Khan Cultural Imperialism and the Indo-English Novel Pennsylvania:The Pennsylvania State University Press 1993
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Die Hüterin der Gewürze München: Diana Taschenbuch Verlag 1999
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Arranged Marriage New York: Anchor Books 1996
Shashi Deshpande A Matter Of Time New York: The Feminist Press at the University of New York 1999
Phoolan Devi Ich war die Königin der Banditen Bergisch Gladbach: Bastei-Lübbe-Taschenbuch 1996
K.Moti Gokulsing und Wimal Dissanayake Indian Popular Cinema Oakhill: Trentham Books 1998
Sunetra Gupta Memories Of Rain New York: Grove Press 1993
Ginu Kamani Junglee Girl Bern, München, Wien: Fretz & Wesmuth Verlag 1999
Geeta Kapur "The Center Periphery Model or, How are we placed? Contemporary Cultural Practice in India"
(Third Text 16 / 17, Fall / Winter , p. 9-17)
London:Third Text 1991
Geeta Kapur "Globalization and Culture"
(Third Text 39, Summer 1997, p. 21-38)
London:Third Text 1997
Manju Kapur Schwierige Töchter München: Franz Deuticke Verlagsgesellschaft 1999
Johanna Liddle and Rama Joshi Daughter Of Independence New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press 1989
Purnima Mankekar Screening Culture, Viewing Politics London: Duke University Press 1999
Gita Mehta Und Immer Wieder Neue Himmel Finden München: Karl Blessing Verlag 1997
Radhika Mohanram Black Body Minneapolis: Minnesota Press 1999
Bharati Mukherjee Wanting America Stuttgart: Philipp Reclam 1995
Ashis Nandy (ed.) The Secret Politics of our Desires London: Zed Books 1998
Manjula Padmanabhan Hot Death, Cold Soup Berkshire: Garnet Publishing Ltd. 1998
Ashish Rajadhyaksha and Paul Willemen Encyclopaedia of Indian Cinema London: Oxford University Press 1999
Arundhati Roy Das Ende der Illusion München: Karl Blessing Verlag 1999
Gayattri Chakravorty Spivak A critique of Postcolonial Reason London: Harvard University Press 1999
Meera Syal Anita and Me New York: The New Press 1996
Meera Syal Life isn't All Haha Heehee London: The New Press 1999
Ilija Trojanow "Made in IndiaÓ Jetzt: S. 6-12 München: SW Magazin 1999
Femina - For the Woman of Substance (Selection) Bombay: Femina 1999-2000
Amar Chitra Katha (Selection) Bombay: Mythological Heritage Comics 2000