This text from 1999 had been written to conceptually define the Plug-In philosophy in link with the haus.0 program in Künstlerhaus. The philosophy continues as it transforms within the configuration of haussite as the new virtual staging and environment of haus.0


haus.0 Plug-In philosophy for Künstlerhaus

haus.0 initiates a concept of media libraries organised as program 'plug-ins'. Like their computer-based namesake, these 'plug-ins' add specific capabilities to the baseline features expected of a program. In haus.0 the definition of 'plug-ins' pertains to the cultural institution's resource of media libraries. The new terminology reflects the changed role and philosophy, from an archive to establishing determinant parts of each project. The way each library is defined in terms of planning allows specific cross references and overlaps.The haus.0 program 'plug-ins' are for audio, video, print, computer website,