16 / 11 / 02 – 15 / 12 / 02
Exhibition / Films / Talks / Performance

Coming Attraction
X Characters in Search of an Author
Constanze Ruhm (A)



(1) Memory

The installation space of Coming Attraction is an environment scripted to negotiate the past and a future. This space draws on the earlier project A Memory of the Players in a Mirror at Midnight (2001) as well as on the forthcoming production X Characters in Search of an Author (2002/3).

A Memory … is already built on the subjects of character, script, and movie ride that are substantial to Coming Attraction and X Characters. It provides a shared focus point, their foundation and source code. As a ”prequel” of the solo movement and narration of one voice, it now expands to register a range of motions and enunciations – of female characters’ voices, of movements through spaces and scripts – as the coded sources developed in A Memory … are turned into operating principles used as guidelines for subsequent productions. A Memory … re-scripts a Hollywood film (Eyes of Laura Mars, Irvin Kershner, USA 1978) as a digital and spatial interpretation. The film itself represents a characteristic late-1970s trope. It consists of a sequence of digital architectures, virtual reconstructions based on sets from the original movie. The relation between the digital structures built on filmic spaces and the camera movement is oriented along a voice-over narration. Eyes of Laura Mars is re-engineered into a new script situated between a text and a space. It becomes a system to speak through, not about.

It scripts the desires embodied within the condensed format of a trailer through the analytical logic of a synopsis. The project is shaped by the force of emotions and passions contained in the anatomy of narrative structures. These structures are translated into a different story in order to articulate a contemporary moment whose syntax is constructed through the specific template of the agency of a film. The film’s fictitious construction is inserted into a different fiction format (a written narration, an off-screen voice-over, a script). A Memory… is not an investigation of the real, but an attempt to explore the imaginary embedded in mainstream modes of narrative production, as these represent antagonistic configurations and reflective reservoirs of reality.


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