16 / 11 / 02 – 15 / 12 / 02
Exhibition / Films / Talks / Performance

13min. DVD (2002)

Dir: Rashid Masharawi (Palestine)

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Interview: Fareed Armaly in conversation with Rashid Masharawi (2002)

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haus.0 screening / talk with Rashid Masharawi 26 / 03 / 02


This work was a commission for the project "From/To" by Fareed Armaly with Rashid Masharawi within Documenta 11. One of Masharawi¹s contributions was planned to be a documentation of the casting for his new feature film, in which a number of actors from Ramallah were to participate. Weeks before the opening of Documenta 11, due to the political situation unfolding in the area, Masharawi found himself waiting in Amman/Jordan, unable to continue as he had planned, over the border to the casting location in Ramallah. Thus the casting finally took place in Amman with local Palestinian actors. Masharawi instructed the actors to not act "waiting", but simply to wait. Neither documentary nor fiction, Waiting shows a process of relations intended to mirror a state of mind, evident within the dialogues and partly frustrated reactions of the actors, while as well casting light upon the ethos embedded within Masharawi's earlier filmic productions.

"Waiting" installation in "From/To", A project by Fareed Armaly with Rashid Masharawi, Documenta11, Kassel.
photos: Murat