10 / 12 /1999 - 24 / 01 / 2000
Exhibition / Performances / Discussion


4b : b4 Performance / Audio Installation
Performance - Otto Kränzler: Komposition, Rainer Kirberg: Interpret
Audio Installation / Archive - 20 years production documentation, Otto Kränzler

Audio Plug-In
Archive -20 years Künstlerhaus Audio Studio history
, Otto Kranzler
"Preservation Club" / "Persönliche Party Platten", Rene Straub

Print Plug-In
Archive - 20 years Künstlerhaus Publications
haus.0 research interviews with Künstlerhaus founding members

Video Plug-In
Archive - Kommunikationsgruppe > Videowerkstatt production history
haus.0 initiative, research and compiling, format conversions to VHS viewing tapes,

Künstlerhaus / haus.0

Otto Kränzler: Audio Composition, Rainer Kirberg: Interpret / Performer, Susanne Rebhahn / Ana Stamm: Performers, Light: Klaus Pöschl

Images of the haus.0 production "4b:b4", the last PERFORMANCE of the 20th century in Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, which links to the first Künstlerhaus archive / installation project of the 21st century. The STAGE consists of discarded objects from the Künstlerhaus past which were found and collected from its storage closets or basement. The SCRIPT being performed is the "Künstlerhaussatzung" (institution's legal CONSTITUTION): the institution's first, original script. The performance event works to try and bring together the words that coneived and legally define the framework, and the discarded, obsolete objects that stand for its past use. The past fragments are "reanimated" as Rainer Kirberg, holding and reading the script as he walks, inscribes a path through the flotsam. After each page he completes reading outloud, he fastens it to one of the refuse objects, finally arriving and concluding on the actual building column. The AUDIO composition played live during the performance, was developed by Otto Kränzler and based on materials of the past 20 years of production of the audio werkstatt- As also included in a part of the installation the cd archive joins the newly installed haus.0 audio archive.


Performance / Event

"4b:b4" is both performance and installation, a form of collaboration between those involved with haus.0 and those with Künstlerhaus. "4b:b4" sets the tone of ":kynstlerhaus". Its narrative routes through cellars, closets, and onto the 2nd floor stage, scripting production with consumption, memory with history, uncanny with familiar. It throws a new light onto spring cleaning in order to evidence the flotsam of material things left in the wake of twenty years of passages.

"4b:b4" stage after performance, as sculpture

"4b:b4" notes the essential performative aspect implicit in the act of founding an artist's space as an institution. For this project, performance is reintroduced for its character of the unique event. This is organized around the space and time of its production, which takes on an identity in link with a public as it was a hybrid more akin to media and its public than traditions of theater illusionary mise-en-scene and its public. At the very moment of the founding of Künstlerhaus, the notion of performance was also shifting to convey new parameters being established in artistic practices.

"4b:b4" stage / sculptural installation, showing on right audio installation from Otto Kranzler / haus.0, comprised of an annotated twenty years of self-built and later consumer electronic audio equipment / instruments.

The "4b:b4" collaboration consists of several stages. The main commission went to the founder of the Künstlerhaus sound studio, Otto Kränzler. Kränzler's work for "4b:b4" draws lines out from his early electronic soundwork and along the way, traces the emerging Künstlerhaus digital and live phases ahead. It establishes communication between various eras of technologies. The handmade electronical equipment for the first Künstlerhaus sound studio clearly suggests the event/laboratory character, and value, of electronic work in that period, and is joined by contrast to the development of the consumer-side replacements, with the contemporary as a synthesis.