10 / 12 /1999 - 24 / 01 / 2000
Exhibition / Performances / Discussion


4b : b4 Performance / Audio Installation
Performance - Otto Kränzler: Komposition, Rainer Kirberg: Interpret
Audio Installation / Archive - 20 years production documentation, Otto Kränzler

Audio Plug-In
Archive -20 years Künstlerhaus Audio Studio history
, Otto Kranzler
"Preservation Club" / "Persönliche Party Platten", Rene Straub

Print Plug-In
Archive - 20 years Künstlerhaus Publications
haus.0 research interviews with Künstlerhaus founding members

Video Plug-In
Archive - Kommunikationsgruppe > Videowerkstatt production history
haus.0 initiative, research and compiling, format conversions to VHS viewing tapes,

Künstlerhaus / haus.0

:kynstlerhaus Print Plug-In selection (detail)


Print Plug-In

Künstlerhaus early understood the role of the printed matter as important in extending the line of communication through distribution. The role of Künstlerhaus as an in-house discourse producer, will be seen in the publications presented for the first time together, from the initial documentation character to the later program journals.

see also Print Plug-In

Research Interviews conducted by haus.0 for :kynstlerhaus project, with founding members of Künstlerhaus and Künstlerhaus media studios.