open haus

21 / 05 / 1999 -
Opening : Institution / Architecture / Media / Program / Identity / ...

open haus

Architecture Renovation / Restructuring
Website concept / realisation for institution and program

"Shooters Bar" from Melrose Place TV Series (1997)
Mel Chin / GALA Committee

Audio Plug-In
Metal Machine Music (1975) RCA

Lou Reed.

Print Plug-In
Footnote Library 1 - "Spatial Narratives" (1991)

Mark Rakatansky

Video Plug-In
Trailer 1980 / 99

Künstlerhaus / haus.0


open haus: Video Plug-In
Trailer 1980 / 99

Künstlerhaus self-documentation, 1980, recut for "open haus", 1999. r. Kurt Weidemann

"... das heisst also, das Unsichere und das Experimentelle soll permanent sein, soll nicht im Anfang und nachher gefestigt sein. Wir wollen keine Volkshochschule, kein Jugendhaus für Erwachsene, sondern wir wollen eine im unabgesicherten experimentellen Bereich arbeitende fluktuierende Werkstätte sein. [ ... ] "

Kurt Weidemann (founding member, then-Chairman of the Board of the Künstlerhaus)
interview excerpt, 1980 Künstlerhaus video.

The haus.0 video plug-in focuses on the role of visual media in the 80s and 90s, when a new video sensibility appeared evident by how it in turn began influencing other media, and in turn reflected back in culture. This plug-in will be developed through projects, which are going to move into two directions: The Künstlerhaus initial fundamental relation to media and projects initiated by haus.0.

The Künstlerhaus was founded at the shift between the '70s to the '80s and articulates that. With one early formative role involving the Stuttgarter Kommunikationsgruppe e.V. there was an emphasis to supply workshops to make available the then-new media, rather than to follow the convention of supplying empty rooms for artist ateliers.

haus.0 video plug-in was initiated in "Open Haus" with a new trailer recut from an early Künstlerhaus self-documentation. This act focused on reintroducing the early orientation in the Künstlerhaus through the term "communication" that shaped together institution, architecture and media

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