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Trial 2 - The AutoSummarizer

Inaugural Address of William Jefferson Clinton, 42nd President of the United States
The U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC, January 20, 1993:


change to preserve America's ideals: life, liberty, the pursuit of
(Applause.) people. time. (Applause.)


(Applause.) (Applause.)

    Americans deserve better. America. (Applause.)

The world economy, the world
environment, the world Aids crisis, the world arms race--they The American people have summoned the change we
more than celebrate America.

The suggestion of subliminal comment from the computer is now confirmed. This time the subject seems to be the President himself, a man who has reconfigured America's ideals as life, liberty, and the pursuit of applause.

I feel less threatened and more interested now. This seems to be a tool for reading between the lines.

But perhaps I am being unfair. Though the White House transcript I copied includes all that "(Applause.)" it isn't actually part of the president's speech.

So I edit out all the occurrences of "(Applause.)" from my document and run it through again, reverting to the 2 percent level of extraction. This is the result:

Trial 3

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