haus.0 in Künstlerhaus Stuttgart 1999-2002

View to 4th floor after one year of the haus.0 program, showing the accumulation of traces
from various projects, archives and Plug-In media libraries.

Introduction to haussite
Fareed Armaly


“haus.0” was the four-year program I initiated in 1999 as Artistic Director for the Künstlerhaus Stuttgart (see original program intro below). Parallel with that I also launched to operate in a symbiotic relationship with haus.0, providing the program an analytical interface in German (during the Künstlerhaus years) and English, that functioned like a hybrid reader / documentation / special project site.

In 2003, with the completion of haus.0 in Künstlerhaus Stuttgart came the website’s next phase of development. Certain of its paths of enquiry are further intertwined, such that the program documentation / reader philosophy reflects the development of internet web-archive resource possibilities within the sense of active "scripting" agency which characterized the haus.0 program.

The haussite origin is reflected in the haus.0 program’s 1999 introduction, “It charts out correspondences between transforming notions of artistic praxis and an artist-initative space in a time of transition.” Considered in that perspective, since 2003 the haussite continues developing as an operational reference with which to consider other offshoots and different routes.


For further reading:

Interviews on haus.0

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Wendelien van Oldenborgh, "Letter from Stuttgart, A Conversation with Fareed Armaly",
NICC journal, Frühling 2001
Gabriele Hoffmann,"In der Schusslinie", die tageszeitung, 04.12.01
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On Fareed Armaly:

haus.0 introduction (1999)
Fareed Armaly

haus.0 opens in two addresses:, and Reuchlinstr.4b. The program introduces a renovation in Künstlerhaus that redefined a clear relation between entrance, stairway, second and fourth floor spaces, that continues onto the new website. Together these two addresses match the character of the program's emphasis on culture and identity narrated by a language of interfaces, links and search patterns.

haus.0 is set up as a net generated by links between the program 'plug-ins': computer website, audio- video- and print-media libraries. Invited participants develop this plug-in philosophy through search patterns on both addresses, where inquiry, resource and presentations are developed with project frameworks. These are navigated by the computer area and browser, indicating the shift away from architectural space and narrative onto hypertext and a new scripted space.

The role of an artist space is to remain open in the search for balance between shifting inquiry and resources, and as such cultural institutions that remain closer in spirit to media than to exhibition halls. Künstlerhaus Stuttgart had often stated that it supplies the hardware for the artistic direction as the software. haus.0 introduced the changed logic of the web-browser in orientation to contemporary media. It charts out correspondences between transforming notions of artistic praxis and an artist-initative space in a time of transition.