Media Resources

Since 2002 when the haus.0 program in Künstlerhaus Stuttgart ended, the online viewing resources for film / sound archives started to develop. This section extends the haus.0 website archive by now being able to offer links to some of the program's cited film, soundworks, or project websites.

Jean Rouch

Les Maîtres Fous (1955)
Dir: Jean Rouch, 30 min, 16m (English version)
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Voyager Interstellar Record

Sounds of Earth
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Rashid Masharawi

Waiting (2002)
Dir.: Rashid Masharawi (PS) 15 min, (excerpt)
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Peter Watkins

La Commune (Paris 1871) (F 1999)
Dir: Peter Watkins, 345 min. (Fr. OV w/ Engl. subtitles)
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Punishment Park (1971)
Dir.: Peter Watkins, 88 min
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Harun Farocki

NICHT löschbares Feuer (1968/9)
Dir.: Harun Farocki (D) 25 min, 16mm
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What Farocki Taught
Dir.: Jill Godmilow (US) 30 Min. 16mm
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Mel Chin

Revival Fields (2000 / 2001)
in collaboration with Hohenheim University    
Project Website   (via haus.0 page)

Hollis Frampton

Nostalgia (1971)
Dir.: Hollis Frampton (US) 36 min, 16mm
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Trina Robins

From Girls to Grrrlz
A History of American Women's Comics
from Teens to Zines    
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Jack Goldstein

The Jump (1978)
Dir.: Jack Goldstein (CA) 51 sec. loop, 16mm
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The Planets (1984)
a suite of six 10-inch records (music / sound)
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Gordon Matta-Clark

Splitting (1974 - 76)
Dir.: Gordon Matta-Clark (US)
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Laura Cottingham

The Anita Pallenberg Story
Script: Laura Cottingham (US)
Project Website   (via haus.0 page)

Samuel Beckett

Film (1965)
Dir.: Alan Schneider, Script: S. Beckett, 45 min., 16mm
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"Quad I + II"   SWR Teleplays (1981)
Script: S. Beckett
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AMP (asiatic mode of production)
Forms of Contemporary Popular Asian Culture
from a Second-Generation Perspective
Project Website   (via haus.0 page)

Cine 16 Roadshow

The Face of Lincoln (1954)
Dir.: Edward Freed (US), 22 min.
screened in: Cine 16 Roadshow
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Norman Klein - Scripted Spaces

Scripted Spaces: The Chase and The Labyrinth
and LA Sound Pavillion
Project Website   (via haus.0 page)