10 / 12 /1999 - 24 / 01 / 2000
Exhibition / Performances / Discussion


4b : b4 Performance / Audio Installation
Performance - Otto Kränzler: Komposition, Rainer Kirberg: Interpret
Audio Installation / Archive- 20 years production documentation, Otto Kränzler

Audio Plug-In
Archive -20 years Künstlerhaus Audio Studio history
, Otto Kranzler
"Preservation Club" / "Persönliche Party Platten", Rene Straub

Print Plug-In
Archive - 20 years Künstlerhaus Publications
haus.0 research interviews with Künstlerhaus founding members

Video Plug-In
Archive - Kommunikationsgruppe > Videowerkstatt production history
haus.0 initiative, research and compiling, format conversions to VHS viewing tapes,

Künstlerhaus / haus.0

"4b:b4" 2nd floor Installation view, (Performance stage as sculpture, stage produced from collecting all the obsolete, discarded materials of twenty years of Künstlerhaus) right side of image, audio installation from Otto Kranzler, comprised of an annotated twenty years of self-built and later consumer electronic audio equipment / instruments.


The project ":kynstlerhaus" plots out coordinates from the Künstlerhaus founding mandate for a production house, in order to map out aspects of the current artistic program: haus.0. The Künstlerhaus Stuttgart was founded on a shift from the '70s to '80s ethos and notions of artistic praxis. From this point of flux, the current project ":kynstlerhaus" draws a contemporary line as a weave between futures and pasts. This project supplies haus.0 and its public contemporary perspectives onto the further development of both program and institution as an active institutional identity.

":kynstlerhaus" thus not only crosses over a line to 2000, it criss-crosses that line with others defining cultural, artistic and institutional parameters of Künstlerhaus. These lines include those which: designated where the Reuchlinstrasse building second floor ends and the former Künstlerhaus performance stage had begun; describe the early formation of both video and audio studio; challenge defining gender-based perspectives; intertwine supposedly seperate audiences along ideas of production, 'laboratory' analogy, and consumption in terms of pop culture; and communication media in a variety of 'inhaus' produced printed matter.

":kynstlerhaus" project includes commissioned soundwork, performance events; music project; and printed matter which stresses Künstlerhaus emphasis from the beginning on communication media, from catalogs to magazines. A video-on-demand viewing area, with a large selection of newly packaged vhs tapes of rarely seen, early Künstlerhaus works - from documentation to performance to fictional narrative - serves to remind of the diverse range that indicates the wide working definition of artist already operating.

":kynstlerhaus", by its approach continues the practice set up by the haus.0 first public project "open haus" in March 1999. These projects are structured like navigators, to periodically introduce to the members as well as public the developing orientation of haus.0 - that is itself linked to the transformation underway in Künstlerhaus.

":kynstlerhaus" is part of a constant form-finding process of the new programmatic outline, that sets haus.0 in relation to Künstlerhaus as an artist's institution at an important stage of transition. It offers a passage onto the next stage of haus.0 programmatic line. The continued artistic program engagement with necessary structural and conceptual renewal of the institution production possibilities, i.e. audio, video and establishing a concept of computer workshops; and furthering the approach to links between program, institution and membership in performative dialogue frameworks; a series of workshop/seminars; as well furthering the website commissions and bringing various fields and participants together through specific productions.