Geographies Out of Gender

17 / 07 - 19 / 07 / 02
Lectures / Screening

Geographies Out of Gender
An event organized by Yvonne P. Doderer

Photo: Yvonne P. Doderer


Is it possible to subvert categories of Gender as structuring devices of society, and how can one undermine dominant forms of Gender relations ? Which kind of subversive strategies and counter practices are employed, and where can these be situated ? Which societal territories are appropriated by women, what is the character of the spaces produced, and which dissident positions are thereby being occupied ?

This series of lectures has been conceived by Yvonne P. Doderer, architect and urbanist, and will explore the above mentioned issues from a feminist perspective, and in relation with investigations from Women and Gender Studies.

17 / 07 / 02
Film Program

forbidden fruit, 30 min, Mutare, Zimbabwe/Chemnitz, Germany, 2000
Sue Maluwa Bruce

The Righteous Babes, 50 min., English, 1998
Pratibha Parmar

Hammering it Out, 54 min., English, 2000
Vivian Price


18/ 07- 19 / 07 / 02

18 / 07 / 02

Geographies Out of Gender?
Yvonne P. Doderer - Architect, Urban Researcher / Stuttgart

“Süße Jungs” und “starke Frauen” als symbolische Ressourcen bei experimentellen Selbstverortungen in der Fan-Kultur von Mädchen
Bettina Fritzsche - Social Scientist / Berlin

19 / 07 / 02

Ethnizität verqueeren – Zu Raum und Performativität
Encarnación Gutiérrez Rodríguez - Doctor and Assistant Professor at the Institut of Sociology / Hamburg University / Hamburg

First Story – Women Building/New Narratives for the 21st Century
Ute Meta Bauer - Free Curator, Co-Curator Documenta 11
Professor for Theory, Art Practice and Mediation of Contemporary Art and Vice Director at the Academy of Visual Arts Vienna / Vienna