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Trial 1 - The AutoSummarizer
Trial 2

Inaugural Address of William Jefferson Clinton, 42nd President of the United States
The U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC, January 20, 1993:


(Applause.) people. time. (Applause.)


(Applause.) (Applause.)

America. (Applause.)

The world economy, the world
environment, the world Aids crisis, the world arms race--they
more than celebrate America.

This is certainly more interesting than I had bargained for, though somewhat mystifying. It has the creepy feel of a Beatles record played backwards to reveal hidden messages. Apart from the surreal emphasis on the true motivation of the speech, this "summary" contains what looks suspiciously like some kind of subversive political statement. The AIDS crisis and the arms race celebrating America? I want to know more.

I click on AutoSummarize again, this time choosing a whopping 3 percent of the text. This is what emerges:

Trial 2

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