January 2001

"Culture and Crime", Hito Steyerl, (2000) (Deutsch)
"Haunting Humanism", Hito Steyerl, (2000) (Deutsch)
"The (W)hole of Babel", Hito Steyerl (2000) (English)

"Autoethnography: Journeys of the Self", Catherine Russell, (1999)
"African Influences in Cybernetics", Ron Eglash, (1995)
"The Interpretation of Culture(s) After Television", Lila Abu-Lughod, (1997)
"The Invisible American Half:
Arab American Hybridity and Feminist Discourses in the 1990s", Mervat F. Hatem, (1998)

From Imagined Communities, Benedict Anderson, (1991)
"Space New and Old"
"Census, Map and Museum"

"The End of What?", David Morley, Kevin Robins, (1996)

August 2000

"Hamlet on the Holodeck" Resource Page", Janet H. Murray
updated: resource page gone | now links to 20 years later reflection)
"Lacan's Imaginary Prisoner Game", Charles Heinemann
updated: no longer online
"On Drawing Lines on a Map", Barry Smith (1995)
"Der Bann wird gebrochen :
Siliziumhirne, Roboter mit Bewusstsein und fremde Geister"
, John R. Searle, (1996)

"Digital Landfill", Potatoland
"The Auto Summarizer", Dominic Gates (2000)
(parts of archived version retrieved via www.web.archive.org)
"Total Recall" filmscript, Ronald Shusett and Dan O'Bannon (1989)
"Is there a way to remake a proper Hitchcock Film?", Slavoj Zizek (2000)

"Margaret Cho - All American Slut", Michael Sragow (2000)
"Ethnicity and the Arts of Memory", Michael M.J. Fischer (1986)
"1977: The Return of the Repressed", Richard W. McCormick (1991)
"The Making of Exile Cultures in Iranian Television in Los Angeles", Hamid Naficy (1999)
"The Digital Revolution and the Future Cinema
(Address at Cannes Festival)"
, Samira Makhmalbaf (2000)
"In Dialogue with Kiarostami", Ali Akbar Mahdi (1998)
"Übersetzen zwischen Kulturen -
Ein Konzept der britischen Sozialanthropologie"
, Talal Asad (1995)
"Der anthropologische Diskurs über Indien:
Die Vernunft und ihr Anderes"
, Veena Das (1993)

May 2000

"AMP" (Asiatic Mode of Production) Project Link Page
"Atlas of Cyberspaces"
"Elisée Reclus and Patrick Geddes:
Geographies of the Mind, the Regional Study in Global Vision", Tom Steele (1998)

"Toward a Socialist Theory of Racism", Cornel West
"Frantz Fanon - Kritische Genealogien", Isaac Julian, Mark Nash (1999)
"Wretched of the Earth" - Speech to Congress of Black African Writers,
Frantz Fanon (1959)

Two Film Voice-Over Scripts:
On the Passage of a Few Persons Through a Rather Brief Unity of Time,

Guy Debord (1959)
Critique of Separation, Guy Debord (1961)

January 2000

updated: Map Viewer has been deactivated: Map Viewer, Xerox PARC - PARC
"Introduction to a Critique of Urban Geography", Guy Debord (1955)
"Formulary for a New Urbanism", Ivan Chtcheglov (1953)
"Geography", definition from "A Dictionary of Marxist Thought" (1983)
"Geography, Photography, the Cinema", Sam Rohdie, (1998)

Excerpts from: System and Structure, Anthony Wilden, (1972)
I. - "The Symbolic, the Imaginary and the Real:
Lacan, Lévi-Strauss and Freud"

II. - "The Ideology of Opposition and Identity:
Critique of Lacan's Theory of the Mirror-stage in Childhood"

"The B.L.O. - with instructions" / or at Wikipedia
"The B.L.O. - Operation NewSpeak Script"
Case Study: Barbie Liberation Organization
"The Barbie Disinformation Organization", Peggy Marquile
"Cyberfeminism with a Difference", Rosi Braidotti (1996)

November 1999

The Random Module Catalogue
Space Syntax Laboratory
"Banality in Cultural Studies", Meaghan Morris (1988)
"Television Tabloids and Tears: Fassbinder and Popular Culture",
Jane Shattuc (1995) (English)
"Television Tabloids and Tears: Fassbinder and Popular Culture",
Jane Shattuc (1995) (Deutsch)
"The Making of the Sitcom", David Marc
"The Occupation of a Bourgeois Genre", Peter Märthesheimer (1974)
"Die Okkupation eines bürgerlichen Genres", Peter Märthesheimer (1974)
"Interview with Peter Märthesheimer", Fareed Armaly (1991)

October 1999

"The Spectacle of Technology", Bruce Grenville (1992)
"Jack Goldstein", Jean Fisher (1985) (English)
"Jack Goldstein", Jean Fisher (1985) (Deutsch)
"Painters Painting", Emile de Antonio and Mitch Tuchman (1984)

September 1999

"Buy Baby, Buy", Sarah Mansell (1999) (English)
"Buy Baby, Buy", Sarah Mansell (1999) (Deutsch)
"The 'Whole' Truth", legron (1999)
"Die 'Volle' Wahrheit", legron (1999)
"Der maskuline Imperativ. Hochmodern, Postmodern",
Laura Cottingham (1994)
"The Masculine Imperative: High Modern, Postmodern",
Laura Cottingham (1994)
"Not For Sale", Laura Cottingham (1998) (English)
"Not For Sale", Laura Cottingham (1998) (Deutsch)
Transcript: Larry Sanders Show, "I was a Teenage Lesbian" (1995)
Transcript: Ellen, "It's a Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay, World" (1998)
Nine Muses

August 1999

"Nullen und Einsen", Sadie Plant (1997) (Auszug)
"A Conversation with Kathy Acker", Benjamin Bratton

July 1999

"Out of the Past", Caryl Flinn (1992)
"Architecture and Technê " , Belgin Turan (1998)
International Anthology of Urban Planning, 1794-1918

June 1999

"Spatial Narratives", Mark Rakatansky (1991)(Deutsch)
"Intermission", Norman Klein (1993)
"Pause", Norman Klein (1993)
"The Imperial Archive", Thomas Richards (1993)
"Das imperiale Archiv", Thomas Richards (1993)
Stuttgart, View: Station

May 1999

"Spatial Narratives", Mark Rakatansky (1991)(English)
"Visceral Facades: taking Matta-Clark's crowbar to software."
Matthew Fuller (1998)
"Playing in Labyrinths"
, Norman Klein (1998)
"In Labyrinthen spielen", Norman Klein (1998)
"Freud-Lissitzky Navigator", Norman Klein / Lev Manovich (1998)
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