10 / 12 /1999 - 24 / 01 / 2000
Exhibition / Performances / Discussion


4b : b4 Performance / Audio Installation
Performance - Otto Kränzler: Komposition, Rainer Kirberg: Interpret
Audio Installation / Archive - 20 years production documentation, Otto Kränzler

Audio Plug-In
Archive -20 years Künstlerhaus Audio Studio history
, Otto Kranzler
"Preservation Club" / "Persönliche Party Platten", Rene Straub

Print Plug-In
Archive - 20 years Künstlerhaus Publications
haus.0 research interviews with Künstlerhaus founding members

Video Plug-In
Archive - Kommunikationsgruppe > Videowerkstatt production history
haus.0 initiative, research and compiling, format conversions to VHS viewing tapes,

Künstlerhaus / haus.0

Video Studio early 80s


Video Plug-in

A video on-demand viewing area makes available for the first time, a large variety of early Künstlerhaus and Künstlerhaus related video productions. To offer these productions for viewing, haus.0 researched and brought together from diverse sources the original productions, archived and converted or transferred their formats onto VHS, packaged with new notes, synopsis, credits and images. The range of twenty years of productions, from feminist documentary to art videos, documentation of discussions, and fictional narratives, offers a view onto the notions of institution and production operating in that time period.

see also Video Plug-In

see also Research Interviews

Vitrine in ":kynstlerhaus" Video Plug-In section, (detail) with early video equipment utilized in productions, and self-made electronic components.

:kynstlerhaus Video Plug-In, (above top) images from video productions, (l-r) video documentation of Joseph Beuys event in Künstlerhaus, 1984, Video haus zeigt, made for TV production youth program; Frauen und Film, dir. Hella Böhm; (below details) new vhs, compiled videowerkstatt production history.

In relation to the 'Imhaus' series is a set of new video/TV works from early Stuttgart Kommunikations Gruppe members who later established independent production facilities located in Berlin. The range still expresses the diverse approaches underway as cultural production, including Loretta Walz's documentary interview work with political women interned in WWII concentration camps "Widerstand leben - Frauenbiographien".